I arrived in Bogotá two weeks ago today. I’m therefore overdue an update on the blog, as far as I can tell.

Arrival into the city on July 24th was marred only by the cringe-worthy efforts of one lone steward on Spirit Airlines. The embodiment of your downtrodden North American service sector worker, he’d grinned at me on boarding my connection from Fort Lauderdale with the detached leer of a man precipitously close to the edge.

As we taxied to the gate at El Dorado airport, he welcomed us to Bogotá with an unmistakably begrudging “we hope you’ve enjoyed your flight, and deplane with your spirit lifted and a song in your heart”. I’m certain I heard a sigh over the intercom at this point, fitting as it is with the wretched carp then breaking into song. Yes.

It seems he has form in this department – as evidenced here – and delirious as I was through my outlandish travel pattern, I just didn’t know  how to process it.

The colombianos sitting next to me eyed me with suspicion until I returned their baffled expression. The misery written all over the flight attendant‘s face for the duration of the flight made the ostensibly cheery lyrics drip with acerbic bile.

The whole episode was both unexpected and, in retrospect, very funny.

I’d recommend flying Spirit just on the off-chance you get attended on by the singing steward with the black countenance of a grieving codfish.