Reporteros Sin Fronteras / Reporters Without Borders has released its 2012 assessment of worldwide press freedom.


It’s perhaps not surprising to see Colombia ranking a lowly 143 out of 179 countries polled given its simmering history of conflict – the lowest in South America by some margin – however the overall trend appears to be improving.

Notwithstanding, 130 violations of press freedom were recorded by FLIP, including two murders – this might compare favourably with the maelstrom of kidnappings and killings to the north, in Mexico and some other Central American countries, but it still doesn’t sit well with Colombia’s rehabilitated international image.

It’s still apparently much safer to be a Colombian periodista than político, however. Since I last put ink to screen, regional elections took place across the country (a corollary of which was a 48-hour ban on alcohol sales – we wisely stocked up and threw a party).

A staggering 41 candidates were assassinated during the electoral campaign, a figure not widely reported outside these borders.

Happier blogging to follow with written and photographic chronicles of my life, times and travels during my latest period of blog-neglect.